I met an anesthesiologist the other day. I told him about my writing business.

“We’re in the same line of work,” I said. “We put people to sleep.”

A self-deprecating joke, yes, but have you read my work?

I’ve spent over 20 years writing about technology solutions in financial services, in every corner of banking, capital markets, and insurance. Thousands of documents — case studies, white papers, profiles, editorials, technology briefings, regulatory analyses, futurist speculations.

Anesthesia: an induced temporary loss of sensation or awareness.

To silence the alarms.

To pacify the nervous system.

To placate the internal voices asking: “Why is this happening?” “Is this a good idea?” “What about the old ways?” “What will happen to me?” “Will it hurt?”

The anesthetic of the white paper:

“This is you, and this is your problem.”
“Here’s what happens if you don’t change.”
“Let me show you how we can help.”
“See how we’ve helped other people.”
“Are you ready now?”

Once the anesthetic takes effect, the operation may begin.

And then, the most important job of the anesthesiologist, to restore awareness.

That’s the case study:

“Here’s where you were.”
“Let me tell you what happened while you were out.”
“This is you now, so much better than before.”

Have you read my work?