A leading solution and services provider to the global financial services industry 

Multiple divisions of a global audit, tax and consulting firm

Early-stage startups in enterprise AI, threat intelligence, and materials science

B2B media companies supporting the technology industry



Deep, practitioner-level understanding of a wide range of technology and business topics across industries to develop high-quality case studies, position papers, research papers, research proposals, and thought leadership content.

Custom Publishing

Coordinate with design and layout professionals to create custom printed and digital magazines, including eBook and mobile-optimized versions.


Tell your story with images! Animated multimedia enables the highest degree of flexibility in demonstrating the business value of your product or service. New approaches power highly customizable content that can change as quickly as your business.

Content Strategy

Actively coordinates with enterprise content strategy initiatives, with the ability to lead or manage content audits, content analysis, content curation, and content planning in full alignment with stakeholders and customer experiences.

Audio and Podcasting

Extend the lifespan and value of live interviews, conferences, and webinars by embedding audio assets into online publications and repurposing through podcasting or other audio channels.


Do you want to try something new in B2B marketing? We believe innovation is the way to stand apart, and we’d love to work with you on expanding the range of possibilities.


Ivan Schneider

Chief Content Officer

BS in Information and Decision Systems from Carnegie Mellon University with hands-on technology experience designing and developing databases and multimedia services for the advertising industry.

MBA in Finance and Accounting from Vanderbilt University with over 20 years’ experience writing about technology in banking, capital markets, and insurance, with editorial and managerial roles in trade publishing to independent work in custom publishing.

MLA in Foreign Literature, Language, and Culture from Harvard Extension School, with demonstrated skills in research and academic writing.