TaelYen boosts enterprise sales effectiveness with:

  • Concise copywriting
  • Compelling graphic design
  • Rich-media interactive presentations with Web, CD-ROM, guided sales and mobile deployment
  • Printed publications
  • World-ready localization for global marketing

Strategic Marketing in Financial Technology

TaelYen specializes in communicating the business value of information technology to high-level decision-makers in the financial services industry.

Industry Expertise

Our knowledge of trends and best practices in financial services and information technology ensures the delivery of relevant and meaningful content. We excel at eliciting the insights of the “thought leaders” within your organization for reworking into powerful multimedia and printed content.

High-Quality Messaging

Our talented designers and programmers bring industry-focused content to life using flexible and extensible development and production techniques. With our consultative approach and depth of capabilities, we guarantee an inspired, unique voice for your brand that meets your needs.


Speak to your prospects in their own languages. We build internationalization into our workflow and development framework. As a result, localization can become a vital and timely component of your global marketing.